Connect to wifi at the library


All library locations offer wireless for students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Chicago and Rockford

UIC Faculty, students and staff

Connect to the UIC-WiFi network with your netID and password.

Please see: How do I connect to UIC WiFi?


If you are affiliated with another university, check to see whether your institution gives you access to eduroam - this will give you unlimited wireless anywhere on campus.

If you are not affiliated with another university, when you get to campus, you can sign up for the UIC-Guest network. You will need a device that can receive texts. This service is available 5 times per semester, for 48 hours each time.


Connect to UICOMP wireless. Open your wireless network connections and select UICOMP-Guest.


Connect to the UIUC wireless network for the first time using IllinoisNet_Start. If you are already registered, you can log in through IllinoisNet. Visitor access is available through the IllinoisNet_Start network or eduroam. Connect to wifi in Urbana.  

UIC School of Law Library

UIC visitors have access to the Law School guest Wi-Fi. 


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